Mechanical Faculty Mr. Meghani Molies Reddy

Mechanical Faculty Profile

Mr. Meghani Molies Reddy

Assistant Professor

Name of the faculty: Mr. Meghani Molies Reddy

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualifications: B.E., M.Tech., (Ph.D)

Area of specialization: Machine Design

Email id:

Contact no.: 9739255766

Experience in years: 12

Papers published in Journals:

  • Mr. Meghani Molies Reddy,“Role of heat treatment and evaluation of mechanical properties of Al LMI13 reinforcement with hematite”, IJERT, volume:05, Issue:07, June 2016, e ISSN – 2319 – 1163
  • Mr. Meghani Molies Reddy, “Comparison study of dry sand abrasive behaviour on AS-Cast and heat treated aluminium LM13 – Hematite particular composite”, IJERT, Volume:05, Issue 06, June2016, e-ISSN 2319. 1163, P.2321:7308
  • Mr. Meghani Molies Reddy, “Evaluation of fatigue and corrosion test of AL. LM13 reinforced with hematite”, IJERT,Volume 05, Issue 06, June 2016

Papers published in International conference:

  • Meghani Molies Reddy,“Influence of feeding system in injection moulding for plastic part” International conference on emerging innovative technologies for a sustainable world – 2013, ICEITSW 2013 7th and 8th October in association with Oklahoma State University.