MoU and Collaboration



MoU with Electrono Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

MoU with Ethnotech Academic Solutions

MoU with IOTREE Minds LLP

MoU with Infosys, Bengaluru

SSIT and Infosys had entered MoU on 6th November 2007 with respect to enriching technical education process and to jointly work for enhancing the quality of education imparted to students, faculty and management of institution related to the field of information technology. This MoU was subsequently renewed in the years 2010, 2014, 2016 and extended till 1st July 2020.

The purpose of this MoU is also,

  • To enrich the technical education in new subject areas, Teaching-Learning process and to jointly work for enhancing the quality of education imported to students of all the information technology disciplines.
  • To enhance the quality of technical education for students thereby enabling them to meet the industry needs and to be recognized globally.
  • To provide requisite course material, handouts and information broachers.
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MoU with Saint Louis University, USA

This MoU is made and entered between SSIT and Saint Louis University, USA with the purpose to develop mutually beneficial programs and project activities which includes access to quality students and increased diversity on the campus with the twinning programme. The mutual benefits include faculty research collaborations and increased student projects with a strong international flavour. This MoU is intended to,

  • Work to establish an educational dialog and student exchanges
  • Share teaching and research expertise through workshops, short-courses and projects
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MoU with HCG, Bengaluru

The primary objectives of this MoU are to recognize each other as centres of excellence for academic and research collaborations and to share their facilities and resources for research and other mutual benefits.

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Collaboration with Higher Education Department (Gnana Samanvaya)

This collaboration agreement is executed and entered by and between Principal Secretary to Government, Higher Education Department, Government of Karnataka and SSAHE and other universities of Karnataka to contribute to the improvement of quality of the Government Education Institutes (GEI). The area of collaboration includes,

  • Providing mentorship to students and faculty members on academic and research
  • General and Industry relevant skill development programmes
  • Soft-skills training programmes
  • Establishing resource centres like training centres, libraries and other facilities
  • Career counselling and providing linkage with industries
  • Student and teacher exchange programme, training and development programme
  • Conduction of training workshops, seminars and symposia
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Collaboration with Muni University, Uganda

This agreement is made and entered into by and between SSAHE and Muni University, Arua district of Uganda for the following purpose,

  • Develop mutually strengthening and enriching international educational and research experiences for both faculty and students
  • To strengthen academic and cultural activities among the member universities
  • To develop contact among faculty researchers and propose collaborative projects for the sponsorship or funds. The two universities will seek internal and external sources for support of programmes and exchanges
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MoU with High Voltage (India)

MoU with Integrated Electric Company Pvt Ltd

MoU with Kamath Transformers

MoU with Polyfic Systems and Technologies

MoU with SRN Enterprises

MoU with Universal Power Controls (2013)

MoU with Universal Power Controls (2015)

MOU with Information Data Systems (2022)