MCA Faculty Dr.D.Ramesh

MCA Faculty Profile


Professor and HOD

Name of the faculty: Dr.D.Ramesh

Designation: Professor and HOD

Qualifications: B.E, M.S.Ph.D,

Area of specialization: Computer networks, Software Engineering and Database Management Systems.

Email id:

Contact no.: 9448066195

Experience in years: 30

Membership in professional bodies: MISTE, CSI.

Details of Ph.D students guiding

NameResearch AreaUniversityStatus
Mr. Ashok KumarComputer Science & EngineeringSSAHECourse Work Completed
Ms. Seema J KElectronics & Communication EngineeringSSAHECourse Work Completed
Mrs. Savitha CElectronics & Communication EngineeringSSAHECourse Work Completed
Mrs. Manjula TComputer Science & EngineeringSSAHECourse Work Completed
Mrs. Devika GComputer Science & EngineeringSSAHECourse Work Completed

Papers published in Journals:

  • Recent Developments in Quality of Service of IEEE802.11e is published in the International Journal IJ-CA-ETS & IJ-ETA-ETS ISSN: 0974-3588 , July ’09 – December ’09, Volume 2 : Issue 2 page no: 176-181.
  • Performance improvement using adaption of the contention window in IEEE 802.11 WLAN published in the International Journal IJ-CA-ETS ISSN: 0974-3596, Volume2, Issue 2 April 10-September 10. page no: 331-335.
  • Performance Improvement IEEE802.11e WLAN is published in IFRSA’s International Journal of Computing , Publication will be in IIJC Volume 1, Issue 3 with assigned unique number “IIJC-2011-1-3-200”.
  • Analytical Modeling for performance of multimedia applications in WLAN published in the International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science ISSN: 0976-5697, Volume2, No.6, Nov-Dec 2011. page no: 30-34.
  • Techniques to Improve Performance of VoIP over 802.11e WLAN Published in IFRSA’s International Journal of Computing|Vol2|issue 4|Oct 2012 ISSN (Online) : 2230-9039. page no: 718-722.

Papers published in International conference:

  • The capacity of VoIP calls and the TCP controlled download throughput in EDCA 802.11e WLAN Communicated for INDIACom-2013 Bharati Vidyapeeth’s Institute of Computer Applications and Management, New Delhi.

Papers published in National conference:

  • Issues and Enhancements in QoS for Wireless Network is Presented in the National on Conference Futuristic Technologies in Computer Science, Engineering & Applications( NCFTCEA-2010) at The Oxford College of Engineering, Bangalore on 10th November 2010, ISBN: 978-87-920012-0-3. page no: 181-186
  • Quality of service in wireless networks for multimedia applications presented in the National Conference on Advances in Computer Applications NCACA-09 at Department of MCA, SSIT, Tumkur during 7th & 8th May 2009. page no:33-38.]
  • A Design of Security Protocol for Wireless Communication using Hybrid Engineering Technique is presented in National Conference on Computing for Nation Development, 8th & 9th February 2008 at INDIACom-2008, Bharati, Vidyapeeth, New Delhi. page no: 287-290. 4. Challenges and Enhancements in QoS for WLAN presented in the National conference Advanced Computing and Communications on April 27th & 28th 2012 at Department of computer science, Kuvempu University, Shimoga. page no: 1.