Industrial Faculty Dr.D.Ramesh

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Name of the faculty: Dr.D.Ramesh

Designation: Professor

Qualifications: M.Tech,Ph.D

Area of specialization: PEST,Composites

Email id:

Contact no.: 9739620150

Experience in years: 26

Membership in professional bodies: MISTE

Awards/ Recognitions/ Achievements: Best Teacher from National Leadership awards

Details of Ph.D students guiding

NameResearch AreaUniversityStatus
Ravishankar PatilCompositesSSAHEpursuing
Citations: 69
H-index: 5
i-10 index: 1

Papers published in Journals:

  • Dasappa Ramesh, Ragera Parameshwarappa Swamy, Tumkur Krishnamurthy Chandrashekar, “Corrosion Behaviour of Al6061-Frit Particulate Metal Matrix Composites in Sodium Chloride Solution”, Scientific Research Journal of Minerals and Materials Characterization and Engineering, January 2013, 1, pp.15-19.
  • D.Ramesh, R.P.Swamy, T.K.Chandrashekar, “Abrasive Wear Behavior of Al6061-Frit Particulate Composites”, Journal of Mechanical Engineering & Technology,ISSN: 2180-1053, Vol. 3 No. 2, 2011, pp. 43-54.
  • D.Ramesh, R.P.Swamy, T.K.Chandrashekar, “Role of Heat Treatment on Al6061-Frit Particulate Composites”, Journal of Minerals & Materials Characterization & Engineering, ISSN: 1539-2511, Vol. 11, No.4, pp. 453-462, 2012.
  • D.Ramesh, R.P.Swamy, T.K.Chandrashekar, “Sand Abrasive Wear Behaviour of Aluminium-Frit Particulate Metal Matrix Composites”, International Journal Emerging trends in Engineering and Development, ISSN: 2249-6149, Vol. 5, Issue 2,2012, pp. 231-237.
  • D.Ramesh, R.P.Swamy, T.K.Chandrashekar, “A Statistical Approach to Study the Influence of Parameters on Sand Abrasive Wear of Al6061/Frit Composites”,International Journal of Materials Sciences, ISSN: 0973-4589, Vol.6 No.4 (2011) pp.455-463.
  • D.Ramesh, R.P.Swamy, T.K.Chandrashekar, “Effect of weight percentage on mechanical properties of Frit particulate reinforced Al6061 composites”, ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Vol.5, No.1, pp. 32-36, 2010.”
  • “Fabrication and evaluation of mechanical properties on AL2618 reinforced with Frit MMC” ,International Journal of Engineering and Techniques,September 2019 Volume 5 Issue 5, pp.1-4
  • “Evaluation of mechanical properties of Al-2618, Frit and Graphite based AMMC” International Journal of Engineering and Techniques September 2019,Volume 5 Issue 5, pp 1-6
  • “Theoretical Survey on 22 Ton Class Excavator Swing Braking System”,International Journal Of Engineering Science and Computing (IJESC),July-2018,ISSN NO:2250-1371, Volume 8, Issue No.7
  • “Design and Analysis of 22 Ton Class Excavator Swing Braking System”, International Journal Of Innovative Science and Research Technology (IJISRT),July-2018 ISSN NO: 2456-2165, Vol 3, Issue No. 7

Papers published in International conference:

  • D.Ramesh, R.P.Swamy, T.K.Chandrashekar, “A Statistical Approach to Study the Influence of Parameters on Sand Abrasive Wear of Al/ Frit Composites”, International conference ICCOMIM-2012, July 11-13. MSRIT, BENGALURU.
  • D.Ramesh, R.P.Swamy, T.K.Chandrashekar, “Tensile property comparison with parent Aluminium”, International Conference AMMMT -2010, 18-19 November – 2010, SIT,TUMKUR.
  • D.Ramesh, R.P.Swamy, T.K.Chandrashekar, “Dry sliding wear of Aluminium/Frit composite”, International Conference FIME-2010, 20–22 May–2010, NITK, SURATHKAL.
  • D.Ramesh, R.P.Swamy, T.K.Chandrashekar, “Frit particulate Reinforced composites of an Al-Si-Mg-Cu alloy; tensile property comparison with parent alloy”, International conference ICSE-2010, 21-23, April–2010,
  • D.Ramesh, R.P.Swamy, T.K.Chandrashekar, “Fabrication and Evaluation of the Mechanical Properties of Al6061-Frit Particulate Composites”. International conference ICETME-2013. 4-5 January-2013, GCET,ANAND,GUJRAT.”

Papers published in National conference:

  • D.Ramesh, R.P.Swamy, T.K.Chandrashekar, “Mechanical Properties of Al/Frit and Al/Beryl Metal Matrix Composites”, National conference, RAMEIII-12, 20-22,September-2012, PDACE, GULBARGA.”