Mechanical Faculty Dr. T.B. Prasad

Mechanical Faculty Profile

Dr. T.B. Prasad


Name of the faculty: Dr. T.B. Prasad

Designation: Professor

Qualifications: Ph.D

Area of specialization: Thermal science, Composites

Email id:

Contact no.: 9008573262

Experience in years: 28

Membership in professional bodies: MISTE

Citations: 26
H-index: 3
i-10 index: 1

Books published:

  • Dry Sliding Wear Behaviour of Commercial A393 alloy by the addition of Phosphorous pp.69-72. MacGraw Hill Education 2017.ISBN-13: 978-93-5260-730-3 ISSN -13:978-93-5260-730-3
  • Investigation on the Microstructure, Mechanical and Wear Properties of Primary Si Modified Commercial LM-30 Alloy pp.16-23. MacGraw Hill Education, 2015. ISBN-13:978-93-85880-75-9, ISSN -13:978-93-85880-75-9

Papers published in Journals:

  • Friction and wear behavior of graphite-carbon short fiber reinforced Al–17% Si alloy hybrid composites. Journal of Tribology, 2009
  • Hardness and Tensile Behavior of Al2219-TiC Metal Matrix Composites
  • Dry sliding friction and wear behaviour of hypereutectic Al–Si–carbon fibre metal matrix composite
  • Studies on the effect of minor addition of phosphorous on microstructure, mechanical and wear behavior of LM-28 alloy
  • Microstructure and Dry Sliding Wear Behaviour of Al2219-TiC Composites
  • Experimental study on the effect of thermal barrier coating on the combustion chamber surfaces of diesel/biodiesel fuelled CI engine performance
  • A Study on Mechanical Properties of Al-17Si Metal Matrix Composites
  • Studies on Relationship between Wear Behaviour and Microstructure of a Hypereutectic Al-Si Alloy
  • Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of A356 Alloy Reinforced with Bottom Ash Metal Matrix Particulate Composite
  • Evaluation of wear properties of TiC particulates reinforced Al2219 alloy composites
  • Experimental Investigation of Heat Transfer Enhancement in Circular Tube Inserted with Twisted Tape by Forced Convection
  • Modification performance of the Cu-P master alloy on commercial hypereutectic Al-24Si-Cu-Mg alloy
  • The effect of modification of primary silicon on the Microstructure, Mechanical and Sliding Wear behavior of Commercial LM-29 cast alloy