Mechanical Faculty Dr. T.B. Prasad

Mechanical Faculty Profile

Dr. T.B. Prasad


Name of the faculty: Dr. T.B. Prasad

Designation: Professor

Qualifications: Ph.D

Area of specialization: Thermal science, Composites

Email id:

Contact no.: 9008573262

Experience in years: 32

Membership in professional bodies: MISTE

Details of Ph.D students guiding/ guided

NameResearch AreaUniversity Status
V RameshaComposite materialsVTUAwarded during 2019
Basavaraj GanigarComposite materialsSSAHEAwarded during 2019
M S RajendrakumarComposite materialsVTUAwarded during 2019
Sridhar H SComposite materialsSSAHEPursuing
Jayasheel I HartiComposite materialsSSAHEPursuing
Vinod K LComposite materialsSSAHEPursuing
Citations: 144
H-index: 7
i-10 index: 5

Papers published in Journals:

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  • Friction and wear behavior of graphite-carbon short fiber reinforced Al–17% Si alloy hybrid composites. Journal of Tribology, Jan-2009, 131(1): 014501.
  • Studies on the effect of minor addition of phosphorous on microstructure, mechanical and wear behavior of LM-28 alloy, Industrial Lubrication and Tribology 67(4), June 2015
  • The Effect of Modification of Primary Silicon on the Microstructure, Mechanical and Sliding Wear Behavior of Commercial LM-29 Cast Alloy, American Journal of Materials Science, 2015; 5(3C): 1-6
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