CSE Faculty Dr.Sujatha S R

CSE Faculty Profile

Dr.Sujatha S R

Associate Professor

Name of the faculty: Dr.Sujatha S R

Designation: Associate Professor

Qualifications: B.E., M.E., Ph.D.,

Area of specialization: Wireless Sensor Network

Email id: sujathasr@ssit.edu.in

Contact no.: 9986040906

Experience in years: 20

Membership in professional bodies: MISTE

Citations: 20
H-index: 2
i10-index: 1

Papers published in Journals:

  • Sujatha .S.R. Dr.M.Siddappa “A STUDY ON EFFICIENT LOCALIZATION METHODS USING SWARM INTELLIGENCE” International Journal of Research in Computer Applications and Robotics ISSN 2320-7345.
  • Sujatha S R, Dr.M.Siddappa “Node Localization Method for Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Hybrid Optimization of Particle Swarm Optimization and Differential Evolution “IOSR Journal of Computer Engineering DOI: 10.9790/0661-1902030712 2017/3 Volume19 Issue2Pages7-12 2 Issue.6, Pg.: 26-34.
  • Sujatha S R, Dr.M.Siddappa “self adaptive differential evolution based localization of sensors in Wireless Sensor Network” International Journal of Applied Engineering Research e2 2018 01 Volume13 Issue1Pages86-90© Research India Publications. http://www.ripublication.com .
  • Sujatha S R, Dr.M.Siddappa “Hypercube optimization based global solution in numerical benchmark and sensor localization” Special Edition on Advances in Applied Engineering Research (AAER). International Journal of Engineering & Technology.2018, www.sciencepubco.com/index.php/IJET.
  • Sujatha S R, M Siddappa Harshitha K Raj “Windows CE 6.0 Stream Driver” International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research, 2012/7/25, Volume 1 Issue 6 Pages 55-58.

Papers published in International conference:

  • Sujatha .S.R. Dr.M.Siddappa “ Hybrid Position Localization in WSN using DWPSO and Improved DV distance” IEEE International conference on soft computing and network security in association with KYUNGPOOK NATIONAL UNIVERSITY South Korea 2015/2 12.
  • Sujatha S R , Harini J” Bypassing Infected areas in Wireless Sensor Networks using BPR” International conference on Emerging Trends and Advanced in Information Technology, April 7 -8 -2017. AIT Chikkamagulur.

Papers published in National conference:

  • Sujatha S R , M.Siddappa , Channakrishanaraju “Wireless Time & Location based Communication”, national Conference at Adi Amman College of Engg,Hosur, TamilNadu, ETCCN-08 on 21st -22nd Feb 2008.
  • Sujatha S R , M.Siddappa , Channakrishanaraju “Security mechanism for the PC using Mobile communication with MMS”. Apr 25th -26th 2008 ,NCACT -08. Bannari Amman Institute of Technology Satyamangalam, Tamil Nadu.
  • Sujatha S R , M.Siddappa , Channakrishanaraju “client authentication method in 802.11 Wireless networks” Apr 25th -26th 2008 ,NCACT -08. Bannari Amman Institute of Technology Satyamangalam, Tamil Nadu.
  • Sujatha S R , M.Siddappa , Channakrishanaraju” Network Security Using Port Scanning “ Sept 24-26 2008, ICACCT 08 ,FISAT.ANGAMALY, KERALA
  • Sujatha S R , M.Siddappa , Channakrishanaraju “ Spray routing method for wireless Networks “ Jan 21-23 ,2010,CCITA 10 VJBCET, Coimbatore , TAMIL NADU.
  • Sujatha S R, M Siddappa Harshitha K Raj “Designing of Boot Loader for Windows Embedded CE6.0 with its Implementation based on SD CARD and EBOOT”, Automation and Autonomous System ,Volume 4,Issue 8,Pages 390-394 “