Civil Faculty Dr. Muralidhar N

Civil Faculty Profile

Dr. Muralidhar N

Assistant Professor

Name of the faculty: Dr. Muralidhar N

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualifications: M.Tech, Ph.D.

Area of specialization: Structural Engineering

Email id:

Contact no.: +91 99167 40159

Experience in years:10

Membership in professional bodies: MISTE

Papers published in Journals:

  • N Muralidhar, V Kaliveeran, V Arumugam, IS Reddy. “A study on areca nut husk fibre extraction, composite panel preparation and mechanical characteristics of the composites”, Journal of The Institution of Engineers (India): Series D 100 (2),135-145.
  • N Muralidhar, K Vadivuchezhian, V Arumugam, IS Reddy, “Dynamic mechanical characterization of epoxy composite reinforced with areca nut husk fiber”, Archive of Mechanical Engineering 67 (1), 57-72.
  • N Muralidhar, K Vadivuchezhian, V Arumugam, IS Reddy, “Flexural modulus of epoxy composite reinforced with Arecanut husk fibre (AHF): A mechanics approach”, Materials Today: Proceedings.
  • Muralidhar. N, Muttana S. Balreddy., Shivaram Bagade, S V Dinesh, “A comparison of the fracture properties of self-compacting concrete (scc) and conventional vibrated cement concrete (vcc)”, Global Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences 2 (1), 116 – 121.
  • KS Sachin, GV Sowjanya, N Muralidhar, “Behaviour of plate girder with flat web and corrugated web”, international journal of civil and structural engineering research 2, 130-136.

Papers published in International conference:

  • Muralidhar N., Vadivuchezhian K., and Arumugam V., (2018) “Mechanical Properties of Arecanut Husk Fibre Composite panels”, 7th International Engineering Symposium – IES 2018, Kumamoto University, Japan, March 7-9, 2018.