Project Achievements

Theoretical knowledge acquired during the Engineering or Master degrees is litmus tested by practice. Students at SSIT are well guided by the faculty & have gained acclamation for their projects work both by the experts & society.

Some of the major projects are:

Surveillance Robot
Appreciated by press & news articles & published in the National level newspapers & also telecasted in the Television channels.

Vigilance Camera
A low cost camera used for detective purpose. Selected for KSCST student project seminar & exhibition.

Allegiance Robot
Selected for 25th series KSCST student project seminar & exhibition.

Reclamation of used Keerosene Oil by Refining Process
Project approved by the KSCST & selected for the exhebition held at Mandya, Karnataka.

Memory Management for Parallel Machines
Used in Flow solver section at NAL, Bangalore.

FAX Decoder
Developed for Defence Organization at BEL, Bangalore.

Position & Control for Solar Panels using Microcontroller
Sponsored by the KSCST, Bangalore.

Status Report on Ground Water Quality in Tumkur
Sponsored by the KSCST, Bangalore & Center for Science & Technology, Bangalore

Apart from the above projects, SSIT students have developed interesting & useful project works such as Ultrasonic surface probing device, Design & Fabrication of Braille Mechatronic System, a low cost device for production of Country Roofing Tiles Sponsored by the KSCST, Bangalore.