We, at G-MEDIC impart skills to our students and youth to become more Entrepreneurial to face the global standards through dedicated training, who in turn will improve the quality of life of the Human race, hence make “our India” Innovative.


    Our mission is to educate Science & Technology youth from all walks of life from rural & urban areas to become euphoric individuals by practicing Entrepreneurship, and improve their ability in identification of opportunities through self-appraisal of SWOT analysis


    Sri Siddhartha Institute of Technology was established in the year 1979 under the ambit of Sri Siddhartha Education Society Tumkur, as one of the self-financing institute. Presently this has grown as one of the premier Technological institutes in Karnataka state. In recognition of the growth and strength of the institute, World Bank selected 14 colleges as better performing institutes for the implementation of the Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme (with the Govt. of Karnataka) during 2004. SSIT runs 9 Under Graduate and 5 Master Degree Programmes. It has state- of- art facilities in labs and Class rooms. It is serving the society through a variety of programmes. Community Service is a part of the activity. Both students and staff are involved in these programmes. In retrospect, Sri Siddhartha Education Society was started during 1959 by the veteran Late Dr.H.M.Gangadaraiah (HMG) with the blessings of the Saint, Seer Vinobha Bhave. The society presently runs more than 80 institutions in the state, including a Medical, a Dental, a Nursing, and Engineering. The institute is presently managed by Dr. G.Parameshwara, Former Higher Education Minister of Karnataka as Joint Secretary and Dr. K.A.Krishnamurthy, as Principal. Further appreciation our potential, strength and effort, University Grant Commission (UGC) has accord us the status of University College (under the ambit of Sri Siddhartha Academy of Higher Education).

    In recognition to its Continuing efforts in bringing the Entrepreneurial Culture in this region, the Government of Karnataka, Dept. of Industries and Commerce sanctioned a “Science & Technology Entrepreneurs Park”- (STEP) during 2000, which has been named in the loving memory of our founder Secretary Sri.HMG as “Gangadharaiah – Memorial Entrepreneurship Development and Incubation Center”-(G-MEDIC). The main objective of the centre is to promote Entrepreneurship among graduates (Science/Technology), in Tumkur district. Since then, It has been conducting various Skill Development Programmes, Entrepreneurship Development Programmes and Entrepreneurship Awareness Programmes and other activities for the youth. To promote and further its social commitments, the society has constructed a building for STEP with all necessary infrastructures with a built-up area of 15,000Sq.ft.

    In retrospect, Sri.R.V.DESHPANDE, Former Hon’ble Minister of Large & Medium Scale Industries, Govt. of Karnataka laid the foundation stone for the SSIT-STEP Buildings in the presence of the His Excellency, the Governor of Karnataka. During 2001.

    In the year 2003, Department of IT&BT (Information Technology & Bio-Technology), Government of Karnataka sanctioned an IT Incubation Center to the STEP. This center provides all requisite environment and facilities to the first generation entrepreneurs in the field of IT to start their own ventures. It may be mentioned here that since 1989, SSIT has germinated itself in community activities and has trained a contingent of trainers for the enforcement of programmes.
G-MEDIC has been recognized as one of the best training centers in the district by various govt. agencies and industry. As on date there are four deferent organs as mentioned below together constitutes as G-MEDIC. The organs and their activities are as follows:

G-MEDIC SSIT-STEP(Gangadharaiah – Memorial TePP Entrepreneurship Development VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTRE & Incubation Center)

SSIT-STEP: Science & Technology Entrepreneurs Park (STEP Regd.):

  • To be a nodal center for
  • Training and development
  • Testing and marketing support
  • Support and escort services
  • Staff growth Programmes
  • Institute-Industry Interaction
  • Source of Information
  • Strong Networking
  • Seminar, Workshops and Symposiums

It also ambitions to be a facilitator:

  • A forum for entrepreneurs to interact
  • Linkage between various likeminded organizations
  • An integrator of various facilitates
  • Creator and transfer of Technology
  • Consultancy and testing center
  • Promoter of Entrepreneurs in new thrust areas.


It shall conduct awareness and development programmes:
For the Head of the Institutions

  • For the Faculty
  • Mainly for the S & T youth.

    It will also conduct staff training programmes for the industrial enterprises. It will conduct growth oriented programmes for the first and second generation entrepreneurs.

It will provide support, services to entrepreneurs, and escort services to the first generation entrepreneurs.
Conduct various seminars and workshops in the related fields of interest and need.
Look for the development of a strong database on all the industrial activities, government policies etc.

  • It shall have a strong network with the FI and supporting agencies.
  • It is expected to promote entrepreneurs in the thrust areas.
  • It is gestated to conduct techno-economic feasibility service.
  • It is anticipated to help to develop products and processes.
  • It looks to provide infrastructure facilities and Technical support for incubation of the opportunities


    The Grassroots innovation & Augmentation Network Cell (GIAN -CELL) is a unique center in Karnataka which has been sanctioned by the section of the Department of Science and Technology “The National Innovation Foundation”(NIF) to G-MEDIC ( by the Govt. of India).

    The Aim of this cell is to act as a nodal center to upgrade, design & development and commercialize the Grassroots Innovation in Karnataka. As on today more than 30 innovations are documented and evaluated by this center, innovations spread over the states of Tamilnadu, Kerala and Karnataka.

The Main objectives are:

  • Rural industrial development through local innovations.
  • IPR management and providing local R & D support.
  • Value addition to local innovations using existing facilities at Technical Institutes
  • Setting up local incubation center through participation of students
  • To fulfill the social responsibility by serving the downtrodden, underprivileged and rural masses
  • Activities:
  • Documentation of innovations scouted by NIF,
  • Assist the innovators for up-gradation of their innovations
  • Process development for commercialization of the Innovations
  • Re-design & development of the innovations through student projects
  • Carrying out business plan for the innovations
  • Assisting for patent filing
  • Incubating of the feasible and viable innovations
  • With all these varied services, G-MEDIC is quite an exclusive facility of SSIT

    The Science & Technology youth will have diversified opportunities for adoption during their study period itself. Infact, it has developed few innovations of grassroots (at the college level):

    • Two-in-one Stove
    • Plastic Sealer
    • Milking Machine
    • Bio-mass stove

    The bio-mass stove is developed at the Mechanical Engg. Dept. can cook 1kg of rice in 20mnites by using only 100grams of wooden morsels. This has been experimented in few villages and is at the final testing and launching stage as a contribution to the society and a benefit to the house wives Advantages being- emits less radiation, almost no soot and smoke. It also produces hot water for bathing and distilled water for drinking.

    The milking machine invented by a primary school teacher developed by us through technical assistance can milk 20liters of milk in 5minites without any discomfort either to the animal or the man. This will help the small farmers with dairy forms to increase their productivity. This machine can be handled by women also. It is already in the market and the teacher had become an Entrepreneur and received National award for the HE The President of India in 2004.

    Further In this context, institute is assisting the rural think tanks (Grassroots Innovators) in conceptualizing their novel ideas, giving technical support for bringing out working models or proto-types and safeguarding their IP through IPR.


  • Institutional mission:
  • To promote and nurture the Innovations
  • To assist the Innovators in their actions
  • To counsel and assist the Innovator
  • Render support system and expertise within or out-sourced in product R & D


  • To promote and support untapped creativity of citizens of India
  • To assist innovators to become technology based entrepreneurs
  • To provide financial support to individual innovators for converting their ideas into Conceptual prototype and working models


  • Interaction with Innovator
  • IPR & legal related awareness
  • Counseling of innovator based on the expert comments & business model
  • Input of Entrepreneurial competency
  • Consultancy from the experts

Innovations Supported through TUC-SSIT

  • Developing PC based oscilloscope
  • Nualgi for growth of diatom algae and live food leading to creation of food chain in water.
  • Guided crank pin design ic engine
  • Hydropower generating device by slow moving water
  • Low cost solar water heater
  • A Device to control the Pollution in Rice Mill


    Project work is a Partial fulfilment of engineering curriculum. This at the final year of the B.E. Programme gives enough hands-on-experience to students and also gives good exposure of the recent trends in the subjects.

    In this context there are many projects completed by students, which will be submitted to the University for Evaluation, as a part of the curriculum. Meanwhile we thought it fit to encourage students to exhibit their talents, showcase their work so that juniors students would get a cue from these projects, Public would know/ appreciate that goes on this Engg colleges.

    Further to add, we would also invites industrialist in and around Tumkur so that they may have a look at these projects and in case interested, may take the projects to a logical end.

    To encourage students, we believe that we have to pat students who do good jobs comparatively and honour them publically by awarding prizes.